Accepted papers

Regular papers:

Compact Multicast Routing
Ittai Abraham, Dahlia Malkhi and David Ratajczak

Tight group renaming on groups of size g is equivalent to g-consensus
Yehuda Afek, Eli Gafni and Opher Lieber

Interrupting Snapshots and the Java Size() Method
Yehuda Afek, Nir Shavit and Moran Tzafrir

A local 2-approximation algorithm for the vertex cover problem
Matti Åstrand, Patrik Floréen, Valentin Polishchuk, Joel Rybicki, Jukka Suomela and Jara Uitto

Euler Tour Lock-in Problem in the Rotor-Router Model
Evangelos Bampas, Leszek Gasieniec, Nicolas Hanusse, David Ilcinkas, Ralf Klasing and Adrian Kosowski

On the Existence of Weakest Failure Detectors for Mutual Exclusion and k-Exclusion
Vibhor Bhatt and Prasad Jayanti

A New Self-Stabilizing Minimum Spanning Tree Construction with Loop-free Property
Lélia Blin, Maria Potop-Butucaru, Stéphane Rovedakis and Sébastien Tixeuil

The Price of Anonymity: Optimal Consensus despite Asynchrony, Crash and Anonymity
François Bonnet and Michel Raynal

Distributed Discovery of Large Near-Cliques
Zvika Brakerski and Boaz Patt-Shamir

Compact Routing in Power-Law Graphs
Wei Chen, Christian Sommer, Shang-Hua Teng and Yajun Wang

Keeping Mobile Robot Swarms Connected
Alejandro Cornejo, Ruy Ley-Wild, Fabian Kuhn and Nancy Lynch

Consensus and mutual exclusion in a multiple access channel
Jurek Czyzowicz, Leszek Gasieniec, Dariusz Kowalski and Andrzej Pelc

The Disagreement Power of an Adversary
Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier, Rachid Guerraoui and Andreas Tielmann

Local Computation of Nearly Additive Spanners
Bilel Derbel, Cyril Gavoille, David Peleg and Laurent Viennot

Nonblocking Algorithms and Backward Simulation
Simon Doherty and Mark Moir

New Bounds for the Controller Problem
Yuval Emek and Amos Korman

The RedBlue algorithm: An Adaptive Universal Construction
Panagiota Fatourou and Nikolaos Kallimanis

Elastic Transactions
Pascal Felber, Vincent Gramoli and Rachid Guerraoui

On the Number of Synchronous Rounds Required for Byzantine Agreement
Matthias Fitzi and Jesper Nielsen

On Set Consensus Numbers
Eli Gafni and Petr Kuznetsov

What Can be Observed Locally? Round-based Models for Quantum Distributed Computing
Cyril Gavoille, Adrian Kosowski and Marcin Markiewicz

Dynamics in Network Interaction Games
Martin Hoefer and Siddharth Suri

Help when needed, but no more: Efficient Read/Write Partial Snapshot
Damien Imbs and Michel Raynal

Efficient $k$-shot Broadcasting in Radio Networks
Erez Kantor and David Peleg

At-Most-Once Semantics in Asynchronous Shared Memory
Sotirios Kentros, Aggelos Kiayias, Nicolas Nicolaou and Alexander Shvartsman

Fast, scalable Byzantine agreement in the full information model with a nonadaptive adversary
Valerie King and Jared Saia

Distributed Fractional Packing and Maximum Weighted b-Matching via Tail-Recursive Duality
Christos Koufogiannakis and Neal Young

The Abstract MAC Layer
Fabian Kuhn, Nancy Lynch and Calvin Newport

Virtual Ring Routing Trends
Dahlia Malkhi, Sid Sen, Kunal Talwar, Renato Werneck and Udi Wieder

Randomization Can Be a Healer: Consensus with Dynamic Omission Failures
Henrique Moniz, Nuno Neves, Miguel Correia and Paulo Verissimo

Optimum simultaneous consensus for general omissions is equivalent to an NP Oracle
Yoram Moses

Crash Quiescent Failure Detection
Srikanth Sastry, Scott Pike and Jennifer Welch

Contention-sensitive Data Structures and Algorithms
Gadi Taubenfeld

Brief announcements:

Cloud Computing Games: Pricing Services of Large Data Centers
Ashraf Al Daoud, Sachin Agarwal and Tansu Alpcan

Transactional Scheduling for Read-Dominated Workloads
Hagit Attiya and Alessia Milani

Incremental Component-Based Specification, Verification, and Performance Evaluation of Distributed Reset
Ananda Basu, Borzoo Bonakdarpour, Marius Bozga and Joseph Sifakis

Weak synchrony models and failure detectors for message passing (k-) set agreement
Martin Biely, Peter Robinson and Ulrich Schmid

Efficient Model Checking of Fault-tolerant Distributed Protocols Using Symmetry Reduction
Peter Bokor, Marco Serafini, Neeraj Suri and Helmut Veith

A Leader-free Byzantine Consensus Algorithm
Fatemeh Borran and André Schiper

Decidable Graph Languages by Mediated Population Protocols
Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Othon Michail and Paul Spirakis

The minimum failure detector for non-local tasks in message-passing systems
Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier and Sam Toueg

Dynamic FTSS in Asynchronous Systems: the Case of Unison
Swan Dubois, Maria Gradinariu Potop-Butucaru and Sébastien Tixeuil

The Speed of Broadcasting in Random Networks: Density Does Not Matter
Nikolaos Fountoulakis, Konstantinos Panagiotou and Anna Huber

Efficient Utilization of Multiple Interfaces in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Roy Friedman and Alex Kogan

Towards Secured Distributed Polling in Social Networks
Rachid Guerraoui, Kevin Huguenin, Anne-Marie Kermarrec and Maxime Monod

Acceleration by Contention for Shared Memory Mutual Exclusion Algorithms
Michiko Inoue, Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Hideo Fujiwara

On Implementing Omega Efficiently in the Crash-Recovery Model
Mikel Larrea and Cristian Martín

Zab: A practical totally ordered broadcast protocol
Benjamin Reed and Flavio Junqueira